How we achieve results

We can efficiently assemble your high-tech systems and/or data centers and then optimally execute each phase of their life cycle. Think of repair and maintenance, refurbishment, remanufacuring, reuse and recycling. In addition, our 100% Data Guarantee solution ensures that you are quickly operational again after a ransomware attack.

Why Bluetron

  • Trusted high-tech and IT partner

  • Expert in lifecycle management & engineering; design and operations,

  • Expert in process development and execution to the highest standards

  • Technical procurement

  • 25 Years of experience

Our team

Bluetron has an enthusiastic and highly motivated team of experienced professionals, each with their own specialty. Every day we work with passion:
We team up with our customers to oversee their needs and existing processes to in search for quick wins and structural improvements. We love challenges, dare us!

We also team up with suppliers to make sure we have what it takes to assemble, repair, maintain, refurbish or remanufacture your hardware. We have teamed up with Fujifilm and IBM to bring a unique 100% Data Guarantee Solution to market!

Get acquainted with a team of experts and their solutions!

Our history

  • < 2008 Kender Thijssen

  • 2008 Detron - Lifecycle Services

  • 2021 Bluetron

  • 2022 Bluetron - Electronics Services

  • 2022 Bluetron - Infra Services

  • 2022 Bluetron - Data Services