A high-tech circular partner to profit your electronics
in every phase of the Product Life Cycle.

Driven by Circularity-to-Profit

Circularity electronics

At Bluetron, we are driven every day to improve your profitability, competitiveness and continuity with our support in circularity thinking and doing. Our ‘Circularity-to-Profit’ approach maximizes value across the entire Product Life Cycle of your high level functional modules, subsystems and components.
Our approach with circularity advice, services and engineering operations minimizes your inflow and outflow of resources: from (re)design, (re)manufacturing and refurbishing up to reuse or recycling.

With over 25 years of extensive circularity experience, the circular product design, optimal use and maximum value is in our DNA.

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Why Bluetron

  • Trusted partner
  • Expert in circular business
  • Expert in process design and execution to the highest standards
  • Technical procurement
  • Agile therefore flexible
  • Support throughout the life cycle, one-stop shop
  • High quality production thanks to modern equipment and highly skilled team

Our team

Circularity Bluetron

Bluetron has an enthusiastic and highly motivated team of experienced employees, each with their own specialty. Every day we work with passion:

  • With our customers to improve their circular thinking and doing
  • On our customers’ high level functional modules, subsystems and components to create as much value as possible in your Product Life Cycle.

What makes us unique; we love challenges.
We succeed in ‘Circularity-to-Profit’ where others fail. We ensure that your systems are built, your system and/or processes work and continue to work.

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Our history

We started in the eighties as part of Detron ICT Group. In the past decades Detron Lifecycle Services B.V. grew to a recognized high-tech circular partner for a number of leading industrial companies.

As of January 1st 2021, Detron Lifecycle Services B.V. has continued, independently of Detron, under the name Bluetron B.V.

We are driven to improve your profitability, competitiveness and continuity with our support in circularity thinking and doing.

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