Electronics waste is not sustainable!

We are producing 50 million tonnes of e-waste annually
It is estimated there are 100 million+ old devices in homes 80% of e-waste is not collected for recycling with 76% not documented and 4% thrown into household waste. At the current rate we will produce 120 million tonnes of e-waste annually by 2050
(Source: Circular Electronics Partnership)

Wasting electronics is not sustainable and will affect profits in the industry…
But most of all, it’s a huge opportunity!

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Why circularity is inevitable for continuity and profitability in electronics

Circularity Bluetron

Globally, the demand for electronic equipment is sky-high. The Covid-19 pandemic has made us more reliant than ever on digital solutions. The pace at which companies are developing ever more intelligent technology is increasing. And all this puts a huge strain on electronics supply chains everywhere. On the other hand, we produce millions of tons of e-waste. It’s time to take circular action now.

Circularity is the principle that inflow and outflow of resources is minimized across the entire Product Life Cycle, from (re)design, (re)manufacturing, maintenance and refurbishing up to reuse or recycling.” Anthony Droppert, CEO Bluetron

Fulfill demand


When we implement circular thinking and acting in our electronics businesses we can fulfill the ever-growing demand for:

  • (Raw) materials & components
  • Speed & continuity
  • Cost efficiency
  • Risk reductions
  • Increased reliability
  • Increased yield
  • New business models (pay per use, …)
  • A sustainable way of working and reputation
  • Fairness (e.g. eliminating child’s labor)
  • Responsibility for next generations


Electronics circularity

At Bluetron we have developed our circular engineering skills and operations for over 25 years. And now the urgency is high as electronics supply chains get stuck we’re here to accelerate your ‘Circularity-to-Profit’.

Bluetron’s Circularity-to-Profit approach

Who profits

In principle, the entire electronics industry or value chain profits from a circular approach. After all, circularity ensures continuity of supply and the loss and reduction of harmful electronics waste. The companies that are able to implement circularity in their value chain as much as possible benefit from substantial financial benefits.

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Data storage

Electronics circularity

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We support the electronics industry in their continuity, profitability and competitiveness with circular performance.

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