Boost your business performance with our high-tech/IT system & data services

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Bluetron achieves sustainable profitability, quality and risk mitigation in 3 digital domains: Electronics - Infra - Data.

We do this by efficiently assembling your high-tech systems and/or data centers and then executing each phase of their life cycle optimally. Think of repair and maintenance, refurbishment, remanufacuring, reuse and recycling. In addition, our 100% Data Guarantee solution ensures that you are quickly operational again after a ransomware attack.

In doing so, we also contribute to new perspectives, reliability and peace of mind. The sum of this is that you will perform better in a rapidly changing world. In this world we are becoming increasingly responsible with people and resources and we are responding to the ever-increasing digitization.

Our practical approach, skilled people and well-equipped workshops are ready for you.

Skilled and pragmatic engineers