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Circularity to benefit your supply chain, competitive edge & profitability

Circularity electronics

At Bluetron we support electronics companies to improve their profitability, competitiveness and continuity in supply chain and production with our high-tech circular services.
We support you to maximize value and minimize costs across the entire Product Life Cycle of your high level functional modules, subsystems and components. With our Circularity-to-Profit services, our practical approach, skilled engineers and well-equipped workplaces we profit your business with (re)design, (re)manufacturing, maintenance and refurbishing up to reuse or recycling of electronics and batteries.

Do you want to know how we have reduced in- and outflow of resources with sometimes more than 25%? Or how we improved reliability of high-tech equipment with refurbished components?

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Why circularity in electronics?


Circularity in electronics is inevitable if we want to meet an ever-growing demand. We produce too much waste, and we are facing supply shortages. On the other hand, circularity is a huge opportunity for your business to fill your supply chains, to stand out and improve profitability. For more than 25 years, Bluetron has been supporting electronics companies in their circular development and  operations with high-tech but also practical services!

Electronics waste is not sustainable!

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How to profit your electronics with circularity?

Product lifecycle management

Creating a closed loop where possible in your Product Life Cycle will minimize the inflow and outflow of resources. We distinguish 3 circularity phases:

  1. Prevent waste at Beginning Of Life
  2. Extend product lifetime at Middle of Life
  3. Reuse (sub)systems, modules, components & materials at End Of Life

Our skilled engineers and well-equipped workshops support you all the way to become more circular and to save costs.

Minimizing the inflow and outflow of resources works best in a closed loop

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What we do to profit your electronics

Design for Manufacturing/Assembly









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Who profits

Bluetron has built circularity experience in numerous sectors but in fact any industry that develops or manufactures electronics can profit from our circular engineering skills, experience and well-equipped workplaces that make circularity work for you, when and where needed.

Circularity Industrial components

Industrial electronics

Circularity Aviation and Defence

Aviation & defence

Circularity health care


Circularity rail and train

Rail & train

Sustainable automotive




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Renewable energy & storage


Data storage

Electronics circularity

Media & communications

Circularity to profit your electronics | Bluetron

We support electronics companies to improve their profitability with high-tech circular services.

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